in a Jar

Who is Zombeh in a Jar

Zombeh in a Jar is an American musician known for creating electronic music. He is signed to Devious Eye Entertainment as an Electronic Musician. His music pertains to several sub genres of Electronic such as Dance, Techno, Dubstep, and Chill just to name a few as well as many more. Due to the nature of his music from the melodic bass tones to the loud drumming and more he classifies it as Zombeh Music. He considers his Zombeh Music to be a journey through different genres, feelings, and moods. His inspirations just like his own music come from different genre backgrounds, they include the likes of Frank Klepacki, KoRn, Disturbed, Collide, Doctor Steel, YTCracker, MC Lars, Skrillex, Kill The Noise, Tech N9ne and Twiztid to name just a few. A fun fact is that the origin of the name Zombeh in a Jar came from the music video game Rock Band, in which the name was used for his fictitious band in game. Currently Zombeh has four albums available (Zounds of the Zombeh, Piresin, From The Grave,  The Dark Side Of Nowhere, and the recent Reign of Fire) available on all platforms for both sale and streaming. With more music to come Zombeh in a Jar looks to make a mark on the world by spreading the infectious sounds of Zombeh Music.

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