Chapter one of Reverie


Awoken is an intense thrill ride where you play as Rylie on a quest to find a way out. Trapped in a crazed manor, all you have is a broken phone and a picture to guide you. You must overcome the obstacles as the experiments are hunting you so that you can figure out what’s happened here.

This is your journey into psychosis as you are trapped in this hospital without any knowledge of why you are here, meanwhile being hunted by a variety of experiments with nothing but a picture to direct you.

You are in an abandoned manor, it appears to have been abandoned for some time now. Between the blood splattered along the hallways and the unsettling destruction of the manor, you don’t know what could have happened here. One location has a cage with large hooks hanging inside of it. There are rooms where at one point would have seemed cozy and inviting, whereas others draw terrifying questions. There are chairs with surgical instruments scattered around them, countless hospital beds in every direction and blocked passageways. There is a man that was speaking but was it to himself, Rylie, or you? How you ended up here is uncertain, but it’s not a pleasant place to stay now. What happened here? How long has this place been in this condition for?

Will you survive? 

Try to uncover the mysteries that have caused you to be trapped in a world that seems so surreal.

A game with a deep story.

With a deep story to drive you to keep going and an interactive world full of life, you will embark on a great mystery full of twists and turns with an outcome you never thought was coming.


A whole world full of monsters and creatures that will engage you in your adventure. 

Hide & Seek

You can not attack your enemies therefore you must RUN. You must use your environment to evade the threats that are hunting you.

Interactive & Engaging

The world you inhabit is alive and you can interact with it. Doors will open, rain will fall, and so much more.

The World

The world is not only alive but it is incredibly large. You may get lost or have to back track but it will all be for the best in the end. 

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Take a peek inside the world we created


Key features that you will find in our game.

No Loading Screens!

That’s right! After the initial loading of the game itself, there are no loading screens! You will be able to explore the entire world in a seamless experience from start to finish. Everything from the garden to the lower floors is all in the same map.

Living World!

This is a world inhabited by many monsters and creatures that will be after you. Interact with the environment by opening doors, rummaging through drawers and pick up key objects to aid you in your journey.

Unique Story-Driven Experience!

As you go about the game, you will find various hidden items that will progress the thrilling story. Every monster has their own backstory that you will uncover as you play through our game and uncover the mysteries of the manor.

Instead of Combat...

The game heavily emphasizes a stealthy style of game play as well as the classic, “run and hide” technique. Instead of traditional combat, you will instead have one of two flashlights that will stun the enemy for a brief period of time allowing you to try and escape.

DRM Free Version!

In addition to Steam, consoles and VR version, we will also have a DRM-free version available to purchase for your enjoyment.

The First of a Trilogy!

Awoken is actually the first game in our Reverie Trilogy. Find out more about the world that you are in and the characters that inhabit it in the following games. If you pay close attention to the various key items scattered throughout the game, you might find hints and clues that correlate to the following games, so keep on the lookout!

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