We design things with love and passion.


about us.

We aim high at being focused on building relationships with our community. Using our creative minds we focus on creating well-designed and highly enjoyable entertainment experiences.

We are extending our reach of the entertainment universe even further, as we work to bring more of our content to you- our legion of fans.


Our mission.

We understand the requirement to provide quality pieces of work. This is why we stand by our mission no matter what.

We strive to INNOVATE our industries by using unique methods of design not used in traditional development cycles.


We strive to CAPTIVATE our audience by using our unique methods in all of our content that we create.


We strive to INSPIRE people by using our methods to create one of a kind entertainment content.


We strive to ENTERTAIN our audience with mass multimedia and publication by utilizing our unique design methods in creating content ranging from music, video, games, art, stories, and more.


Our team.

We are a creative studio focusing on culture, entertainment, publication, & art.
Billy Y.
Paul G.
Elizabeth M.
Max P.
Raymond D.
Sarah B.
Chris Y.
Rudy P.
Jenna L.
Alex R.
Diego C.
Riva C.
Andrea D.
Paige W.
Scott B.
Bianca G.
Brandon K.
Christian K.
Brian D.
Jennifer T.
Clevan S.
Nichole F.
Amanda C.
Divindra P.
Ashley D.

Devious Eye Entertainment

We strive to stay unique in our craft.

Entertaining Shows

We create entertaining shows for our audience. these shows are split into two categories, one being a news oriented information show known as E-Spot! and the other a opinionated show known as Paul’s Curious Corner of Controversy.


Game Design

We design and develop video games. We are not genre specific and are looking toward the future of interactive story telling. 



We create and release music to varied platforms including Apple Music and Spotify. Our music consists of several genres and is created with a passion for the art.



We create a multitude of feature length films and short films. We are dedicated to thinking outside the box as we develop new techniques for video creation and editing.


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We understand your requirement and provide quality work.

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