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A Journey Into Insanity

An intense thrill ride where you play as Rylie Mason on a journey to uncover the truth. Trapped in a crazed hospital, all you have is a broken phone and a picture to guide you. You must overcome all obstacles and traps as you explore the hospital while trying to avoid the danger lurks around every corner.

Try to uncover the mysteries and escape from this surreal world. Will you survive?

What You're In For...

This is your journey into the psychosis as you are trapped in this hospital without any knowledge of why you are here, meanwhile being hunted by a variety of experiments with nothing but a picture to direct you.

You are in a hospital, it appears to have been abandoned for some time now. Between the blood splattered along the hallways and the unsettling destruction of your surroundings, the truth of what happened but a solemn mystery. You see a cage; massive hooks eerily swinging as the hung within. The rooms you soon spot seem inviting, a safe space to gather your courage. But the secrets hide everywhere, and you might not be safe at all. Heels clicking cautiously on the rotting wood of the hallway bringing you to a room less safe. Light has disappeared, it looks like something’s moving… but there’s quite possibly a clue lying about the uninviting darkness. You somehow manage to escape into a new location, what sounds like metal screeches across the floor quite possibly announcing your presence to the dangers that lurk within the shadows. It is some sort of hospital; surgical instruments thrown haphazardly around the room and chairs with signs of previous, and recent, movement in the dust beneath them. This location is evil. the countless hospital beds that are blocking the passageways only instill fear, anxiety, and uncertainty deep into the pit of your stomach. The man that was speaking… was that meant for Riley? If not, then who? You have no answers, only questions building, piling into your mind. How did you end up here? What happened? How long has it been since this place simmered away from the public eye? Your goal is to find answers, you’re goal is to escape…

Will you survive? Will you find yourself trapped in this nightmare? Or will you find yourself stranded… alone?


Within this foreigh place you’ll want to explore. There are alot of secrets to be found in order to solve the mysteries of Mount Moira Hospital.


You’ll come across many puzzles on your journey of survival. puzzles will range from interactive computer terminals to interactive environments.


Your goal is to survive and to do so you must avoid the dangers of this place. Running and hiding will be your greatest allies. 

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