A Battle With The Syndicate

The Last Shot


The Last Shot is an intense first-person experience featuring a full-fledged story driven encounter which will take you on a journey throughout the galaxy. Bryce Case Jr. (also known as YTCracker) will be the voice of Virran as you embark on this journey. Along the single player, we are also bringing back the classic arena style multiplayer that was made famous by games such as Unreal Tournament, and Quake. However, we are adding our own twist and style to it as well we are bringing a very unique style to the Battle Royale style gameplay.


What You're In For

A first person story driven game with the inclusion of classic Arena style multiplayer, and a battle royale mode as well.

This game is not just another Battle Royale game to join the collection. With this title, we bring you a full-fledged storyline that will correlate to the online portion of the game. The game, unlike others in its league, will have other enemies to worry about besides other online gamers. Having these other enemies will add a challenging yet rewarding twist into Battle Royale games from now on moving forward.

In the story of The Last Shot, the year is 3031 and mankind has been colonizing the Milky Way for a few centuries. You will take the role of Virran, who first was a farmer, but wanted more who later became a bounty hunter for one of the largest independent military contractors in the galaxy. After quite some time, Virran realized just how corrupt this organization was and accepted the contract offer for another large contractor with your first assignment attached to it… and this is just where it begins.

Our Cast

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A special thanks to Zombeh In A Jar for supplying music in the trailers. You can hear the full songs and more by visiting his spotify page bellow.