A Journey Into Insanity


Reverie is an intense thrill ride where you play as Rylie Mason on a quest to find a way out. Trapped in a crazed hospital, all you have is a broken phone and a picture to guide you. You must overcome the obstacles as the experiments are hunting you to figure out what's happened to you.

Will you survive? Try to uncover the mysteries that have caused you to be trapped in a world that seems unreal.


What Your In For

This is your journey into the psychosis as you are trapped in this hospital without any knowledge of why you are here. Meanwhile being hunted by a variety of experiments with only a photo and a voice to guide you.

You are in a hospital, it appears to have been abandoned for some time now. Between the blood splattered along the hallways and the unsettling destruction of the hospital, you don't know what could have happened here. One location has a cage with large hooks hanging in it. There are rooms where at one point would have seemed cozy and inviting, whereas others draw terrifiying questions. There are chairs with surgical instruments scattered about, there are countless hospital beds in every direction and blocked passageways. There is a man that was speaking but to himeself, Rylie or you? How you ended up here is uncertain, but it's not a pleasant place to stay now. What happened here? How long has this place been in this condition for?

Will you survive? Will Rylie be able escape or will you be trapped here with her? Will you be able to escape or will she leave you stranded?

Our Cast

  • Played by Jennifer Tippett. Rylie is the central protagonist of Reverie. The player will play through Rylie's story as it unfolds for both her and the player at the same time. Uncover the mystery that surrounds her and come to the conclusion of why she is trapped in such a damnable place.

    Author image
    Jennifer Tippett Rylie Mason
  • Shannon is an antagonist. She is inquistive, always wanting to learn more about the world she lives in. Confusion has always plagued her existence and as a result she has drifted apart from family and friends due to the horrors of her past.

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    Andrea Demopoulos Shannon
  • Wyatt is guidance and a role model, he is brilliant and is known to resolve conflict. He always knows the best time to help when needed most. Highly intelligent, he seems to have all of the answers.

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    Ryke Stearns Wyatt