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Devious Eye Entertainment is a group of developers and creators of artistic products and entertainment. After establishing Devious Eye Entertainment in 2016, the company has worked on many projects including printed art pieces, videos, music, and video games. We are focused on creating well-designed and highly enjoyable entertainment experiences for everyone. The quality and hard work that Devious Eye Entertainment puts in to all of its work is based on the love for video games, music, livestreaming, and all other forms of entertainment products and the enjoyments they bring to the community as well as our fans. As we say gaming is in our BLOOD, music is in our HEARTS, and video and livestreaming is who we ARE. We are extending the reach of our entertainment universe even further, as we are working to bring more of our products to you; our community.


What We Do.

We strive to INNOVATE the industry that we are a part of and love. Most traditional games that come from independent game developers are basic games. We at Devious Eye Entertainment demand more for ourselves. We strive to CAPTIVATE our audience and give them experiences unique to their adventure. We wish to create a new quality for entertainment. We strive to INSPIRE people to dream big and do what they love and enjoy. Create new unheard-of worlds, or music to enjoy, or make that video one worth talking about. We strive to ENTERTAIN everyone with mass media and publication in our design ranging from music, video, game, art, story, and more. We believe you should experience entertainment rather than play it, listen to it, or just plain watch it. Don't just enjoy entertainment, experience it!


We play countless games and well, we would like to share that experience with you. One of todays biggest things in entertainment is livestreaming, and guess what- we do it. That's right! So come watch us as we embark on all sorts of adventures.

Design & Development

As an entertainment company we strive to innovate and create new and unique material. We create many different things from printed art pieces, to music, to digital media such as videos and games.

Digital Entertainment

We provide our audience with the enjoyment of our videos. Whether it be livestreaming the newest and best video games, or performing many different shannanagins through our NERF videos, or even if your stopping by to check out our latest news podcast. We got something for everyone so stop by our YouTube channel, and enjoy yourselves.


Besides our fantastic art pieces that we design and create for purchase, we also have all sorts of merchandise from clothing, to phone cases. We even give you the option on some of our stores to go ahead and customise your product.


See Our Featured Products and More.

The merchandise and products that we design from our stores to our media are all created by the talented people here at Devious Eye Entertainment.

If you wish to help us with our designs and development, well then go check out our Patreon, get behind the scenes access to makings of what we do as we shed some light on our creative process.

Below are links to our stores as well as our Discord, Patreon, and our Go Fund Me Pages.

What They Say About Us.

  • This is a great up and coming company. They look like they have great things ahead of them. I cannot wait to see what they achieve and how far they go. Cheers!

    Author image
    Quincy Allen Author.
  • Devious Eye Entertainment is an interesting company. They encompass many parts of entertainment and are doing a great job. I look forward to seeing what they do going into their furture.

    Author image
    Craig Lee Musician
  • You all have a great group of people working on different paraphernalia ranging from art to digita media. I'm excited to see what happens and look forward to so much more from you guys!

    Author image
    Stacey Collins Artist


Get In Touch.

Have an idea for a NERF game? Maybe an idea for content for our next Podcast? Just want to drop a line and say hi? Well than feel free to send us a message and we will happily reply, and who knows we may give you a shout out in our next video.

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